Victoria Vynn Premium Line -Double Ended Pusher/ Rose Gold

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Safe and high quality equipment is a must have for every professional manicure stylists who value well cared hands, feet and nails and expect quick results with moderate work load.
Two collections of Victoria Vynn’s manicure equipment :
BASIC LINE and PREMIUM LINE were created to help with easy removal overgrown cuticles and preparation of natural plate to further styling.
They are perfect for experienced stylist as well as for beginners.
All products are made of highest quality stainless steel, autoclave and disinfectant resistant.
Proper cleaning, drying and storage will extend lifespan of your equipment.

Disinfect equipment before and right after use.
Long soaking in water or disinfectant may reduce effectiveness of your product.
Any damage caused by dropping on hard surface may worsen quality and final effects.
Carefully cleaned equipment should be sterilized in autoclave.
Disinfected, sterilized, and dried accessories should be stored in dedicated clean and dry place.

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